How to add text


Drag the text box to your page and place this exactly where you would like to have this.
You are able to drag the text to make this longer as per your specifications.
To edit the text you need to double click on the text box once you have placed this on your page. 

You will have a few options:

B - You are able to bold your text
I - You are able to make your text italics
U - You are able to underline a word
A - You are able to select the colour of the text
A You will be able to highlight a certain word or sentence in a colour

You can select your text to be aligned left, centre or right
The option with the numbers assist you in numbering lines
The option with the dots assists you by inserting bullet points
The icon that looks like a chain is called hyperlink, which allows you to highlight a word or sentence that can be linked to a certain website page / or website
The icon that has a chain with a cross in this, allows you to unlink the word in order to ensure the client is no longer directed to another website page/website.
The little flag is an anchor - Anchor links help your site visitors quickly find answers to their questions, without needing to scroll endlessly or search for the relevant page in your main menu. A single click on an anchor will take them exactly where they want to go: back to top, down to the bottom or straight to your FAQ page


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