How to add an image

Adding an image: 

In order to add an image to your website, you need to drag the image to your page in the place you would like to have an image show. You are able to size this larger or smaller by dragging the image in the right bottom corner.
Once you double click on the image, you will be directed to a box that says "Change Picture" - Here you can upload a new image or change one. 

There are 4 options at the top: 

Template Gallery:
Here you can upload your own image. If you would like to upload more than one image and save to your gallery, on the left side there is a "All" and "+New Item" - you need to select new item and name this to your desired category. Eg. Rings - if you wish to upload all the rings you offer you can name this rings and ensure all of your images of rings will be in this field. 

Free Gallery:
Here are some images of items you can use at no extra cost to you. 

Picture URL:
If you are making use of an image that is from a different, website - you need to add the image link in the box that will pop up.

Font Awesome Icon: 
Here you will discover a variety of icons that can be used - these icons you are able to move and place where you need them to be.


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