How to add a map

How to add a Map: 

Drag the map box to your desired page on you the website you are building: 

Double click on the map and a box for properties will appear. Under address, you need to type in your desired address that will be displayed on your map.
On the right side is a button called zoom level: here you can decide if you would like a close up or distance map appearance.
At the bottom of the map, there are 8 options - for any you wish to change you can untick them. Or you can tick the ones only that you need.
Show map and satellite control
Show zoom control
Show Street View control
Show full-screen control
Allow dragging
Show roads
Show landmarks
Show labels

Under options, you can decide on the sizing of the map, but in order to avoid any issues the easiest way would be to drag the map on the bottom right corner to the size you require.

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